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China Calling...

So I received an email one morning via the contact me page on my website and at first glance it looks like spam. Before I hit the delete key I read it and see that an editor from a Chinese website called POCO.CN is contacting me to ask about doing and interview and a profile. Hmmm...still seems like spam, but I figure cannot hurt to reply and see who might be on the other end of the email.

Well it turns out the email was not spam. It was the real deal, and I was asked if I would be interested in doing an interview and supplying a collection of my underwater images for publication on a Chinese photography website. Sure. Why not?

So it took a bit of back-and-forth for the questions and my replies and the revisions and the edits...not to mention I had two photo workshops that I was running in Socorro, Mexico, then another in Anilao, Philippines...but once it was all said and done, the profile went live. Have a look for yourself...I hope you like it.

POCO.CN Profile of Underwater Photographer, Erik Lukas

I had a great time working with the team at POCO.CN, and cannot thank them enough for posting the profile and my images. 

Lightroom Tips & Tricks: Adjusting Tones Using the Histogram

How to: Histograms for Underwater Photographs

Looking for some time saving shortcuts? How about a way to make fine adjustments easily?

Here is a new article of mine published on the Underwater Photography Guide where I share a few techniques that I use to make adjustments to the tone curve and exposure of my images when using Adobe's using the Histogram.

Several new articles and product reviews are in the pipeline. Hope you enjoy!

 Divers hang at the crest of the reef. 20m depth on one side....1000m to the other. West Caicos, Turks & Caicos Islands.

Divers hang at the crest of the reef. 20m depth on one side....1000m to the other. West Caicos, Turks & Caicos Islands.

145 Photos....

So honored! The amazing Underwater Macro Photographers just released their 2016 5th Anniversary Yearbook. It contains 145 images from 145 photographers, and I am honored to have one of my images among that list.

The collection contains some amazing images, and it's such an honor to have been included.

Thank you to the Underwater Macro Photographer team for running such as great site!



Have a look here:

SoCal Shootout 2016

I'm excited to announce that two of my images were selected as winners of the 2016 SoCal Shootout, sponsored by Bluewater Photo. This great event takes place each year in early to mid-September, where underwater photographers create images over a three day period in the Southern California region of the Pacific ocean.

In addition to being limited to only a few days of shooting, the challenge comes in that we have to work with what nature gives us.

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