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Lightroom Tips & Tricks: Crop Overlay

Underwater Photo Compositions

Rule of thirds? Diagonals? Golden Ratios?

A Juvenile Garibaldi, shown with the Rule-of-Thirds crop overlay marks...one of several you can select to use in Adobe Lightroom. Click the link below to visit the Underwater Photography Guide to read my article and see how.

All terms used in one way or another to describe compositions that are found in photography, paintings & drawings. Adobe's Lightroom has some great tools to help photographers create perfectly framed compositions in post processing.

A new article I wrote was published today on the Underwater Photography Guide. It provides an overview of Lightroom's "Crop Overlay Tool" and how I use it in my workflow. Visit the site, as it has tons of other great resources for Underwater Photography. Look for more of my articles there soon too...